Nite White

ACP Nite White | Night Time Brightening

ACP Nite White - Teeth Whitening While You Sleep

Nite White Turbo ACP, the name says it all. 

It says speed - on average, 6 shades in just three nights.

It says performance - Nite White Turbo ACP's proven dual barrel syringe delivery system is the professional standard for accuracy and ease-of-use.

It says comfort – Discus Dental's exclusive Amorphous Calcium Phosphate, along with the proven effectiveness of Potassium Nitrate, ensures minimal patient sensitivity during treatment.

Nite White ACP is the first whitener to combine patented Amorphous Calcium Phosphate technology with the proven effectiveness of Potassium Nitrate.

ACP reduces sensitivity and fadeback, and aids in the prevention of caries.


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