Dental Implants

Dr. Relias Utilize Dental Implants To Restore Missing Teeth in Arlington Heights, IL

Gary Relias, DMD provides several restorative dental procedures in a comfortable manner. These procedures include helping patients reconstruct their smile in one of the most advanced ways possible. Arlington Comfort Dental provides dental Implant procedures for patients in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove and the surrounding communities.

Why Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a method of restoring lost teeth, just as full and partial dentures and fixed bridges are. However, dental implants have some key advantages over these more traditional methods.

Traditional partial dentures and bridges rely on existing structures within the mouth, while dental implants are anchored directly into the jaw. Traditional restorations can wear down and overburden the teeth, increasing the likelihood of additional tooth loss. Dental implants, however, are able to replace missing teeth without affecting the remaining teeth in the smile. Additionally, dentures and bridges without implants do not offer much for the jaw bone to support, which leads to the resorption of the jaw and a premature appearance of aging. Dental implants, conversely, do give the jaw something to support and thereby prevent the recession of the jaw.

Finding a Surgeon for Placement

The dental implant post is a titanium rod which must be placed into the jaw in order for the rest of the implant to succeed. Due to this requirement, the first step in receiving dental implants is to surgically place the dental implant post.

Our Arlington Heights dentist partners with several oral surgeons in the nearby communities, who are experts in placing dental implants. Once the plan for your dental implant procedure is established, the oral surgeon working with Dr. Relias will place the implants and help monitor their integration into the bone during a healing period. Once the implant posts have fused to the bone, Dr. Relias will be able to add the dental implant restoration and the connective abutment to the post.

Restoring your Implants

Dental implant restorations serve as the visible chewing surface—that is, the tooth you will see when you smile—of the complete dental implant. Implant restorations are often designed after more traditional restorations—crowns, bridges, and dentures—but being supported by the implant post enables them to have the stability, beauty, and conservatory benefits of dental implants. These restorations are often made of porcelain, as the color, translucence, and shine of this biocompatible material closely matches the appearance of natural teeth. Once the restoration is added to the implant, the process for receiving dental implants is complete.

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