Reversing Decay in Arlington Heights, IL

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental health ailments you can face. Our dentist, Dr. Gary Relias, provides a restorative and potentially aesthetic solution. Arlington Comfort Dental provides dental crowns in Arlington Heights, Palatine, Buffalo Grove, and the surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment with our practice today to see how our approach to restorative care can help you.

What Does a Crown Do?

Crowns, or caps, cover and seal a tooth that has experienced decay. Once the cavity has been removed, this restoration rebuilds the tooth to enable its survival in the smile. Additionally, if placed properly, the crown completely blocks off the tooth from the bacteria that caused the cavity in the first place. Not only is your tooth reconstructed after decay, but future decay is prevented as well.

Our Arlington Heights dental practice can place crowns to restore your smile after experiencing decay. We also provide these crowns to protect teeth that were injured, as chips and cracks encourage cavity development, and to seal off a tooth that underwent root canal therapy.

Your Crown Options

The primary purpose of a dental crown is always to restore a tooth’s health, but these prosthetics can have a positive impact on your smile’s appearance as well. How effective they are at reconstructive care and how beneficial they are to your cosmetic dental goals depends upon which material was used to make the crown.

Our most commonly recommended crowns are ones made with Empress® silicate porcelain. This type of dental ceramic is an extremely close match in appearance to a natural, healthy tooth in addition to being durable enough for everyday use. As such, most patients can obtain cosmetic and restorative benefits from a porcelain crown.

If a more durable crown is necessary, depending on the severity of the case, Dr. Relias can provide BruxZir® zirconia crowns or traditional crowns. Zirconia is a body-safe metallic crystal that blends into the smile, although porcelain is a better aesthetic match. However, the minor loss of cosmetic enhancement is more than made up for by the durability of BruxZir crowns. In extreme oral health cases that require durability at the expense of cosmetic benefit, metal crowns made of a silver-colored alloy or gold will be the best restoration to provide. While metal crowns do stand out in the smile, gold crowns will be slightly less noticeable than silver crowns, which is why gold is our preferred choice in these circumstances.

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Arlington Comfort Dental provides crowns near Arlington Heights. We provide other restorative dental procedures as well, such as porcelain bridges and composite fillings. For more information, call our practice and schedule your next dental appointment today!

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