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Single-Visit Dental Restorations in Arlington Heights, IL - New Teeth in a Day

Restoring the functionality and beauty of your smile is a passion for Gary Relias, DDS. For patients who require a full rehabilitation of their mouth, he offers all-on-four procedures which grant patients a whole new smile in one appointment. Arlington Comfort Dental offers teeth-in-a-day procedures to Arlington Heights, IL, Palatine, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, and the surrounding communities.

Receiving All-on-Four Restorations

In preparation for the teeth-in-a-day procedure, Dr. Relias will plan out your new smile. The new smile you will be receiving will need to fit and work comfortably within your mouth, so our Arlington dentist works to create the best blueprint for your new smile. He also takes x-rays and examines your jaw to ensure that the bone is healthy enough to support the dental implants. If not, you may require additional preparatory surgeries to ensure adequate bone health.

On the day of the procedure, Dr. Relias meets with you in a surgical setting with an oral surgeon. Dr. Relias pairs with the surgeon because the surgeon is an expert in placing dental implants; this particular surgeon also has a dental laboratory wherein your new smile is fabricated. The surgeon places your four implants, and then immediately loads your new smile onto the implants. Once the surgery is complete, you will have a follow-up appointment at Arlington Comfort Dental to make sure your new smile is not presenting any complications. Any concerns you may have about your new smile will be addressed immediately.

Advantages Over Dentures

If you require full rehabilitation of your smile due to tooth loss or severe decay, you may wonder what benefits other than immediate results the all-on-four procedure can offer. After all, traditional and implant-supported dentures are also options provided by our dental practice, and they may have their own benefits.

While it is true that both traditional and implant-supported dentures have their place in dentistry, teeth-in-a-day procedures provide benefits that dentures do not. In addition to the speed at which you receive all-on-four smiles, these procedures also provide you with a permanent smile. Both traditional and implant-supported dentures require removal from the mouth to be properly cleaned, an inconvenient addition to your oral hygiene routine that may also cause discomfort with your self-image. The new teeth you receive in one appointment, by contrast, is a fixed bridge that stays in place; you brush the bridge just as you would brush teeth.

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Arlington Comfort Dental helps patients in Arlington Heights, IL, Buffalo Grove, IL, and Palatine, IL, rebuild their smiles from scratch through teeth-in-a-day procedures. For more information about all-on-four, or to schedule an appointment to see if they are right for you, call our office today!

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